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Autoimmune Diseases in Italian Greyhounds – Health Lectures

In 2012 I was lucky enough to go along to the US Italian Greyhound Specialty Show held in Frankenmuth, Michigan. The Italian Greyhound Specialty is the biggest Italian Greyhound Speciality in the US, organised by the Italian Greyhound Club of America (IGCA: and it attracts hundreds of Italian Greyhounds and their owners from all over the US and Canada each year. The event includes health lectures, some of which are on autoimmune diseases in Italian Greyhounds.

IGCA Best In Specialty Show Winner 2012: Annette McCarthy & Tryst, Ch Rendezvous At KC
To view more photos of the Best of Breed judging (a class of over 50 US Champion IGs) at the show see:

It’s quite an event with the show taking up three days but there are also lots of other really interesting events scheduled around the show itself, not least some invaluable educational lectures on health.

A friend’s Italian Greyhound has recently been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and I was interested to see that the IGCA has uploaded video and audio of two of their health sessions on autoimmune diseases in Italian Greyhounds from the 2012 Specialty …

Scott Echols on Multi Auto-immune Diseases in Italian Greyhounds at the IGCA Specialty 2012 (video and audio)
Niels Pedersen phone-in on Multi Autoimmune Diseases in Italian Greyhounds at the IGCA Specialty 2012

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Joanne Liddy is the Royal Kennel Club's Breed Health Coordinator for the Italian Greyhound. The Italian Greyhound Breed Health Co-ordinator (BHC) advocates for the health and welfare of the Italian Greyhound breed. The main role of the BHC is to facilitate, over time, the communication and collection of data on the health of the Italian Greyhound. The BHC acts as a spokesperson on matters of health and will collaborate with The Kennel Club on any health concerns the breed may have.