Leg Breaks in Italian Greyhounds

If you suspect your Italian Greyhound has a leg fracture

What to do in the event of a leg fracture

It is vital that a Veterinary surgeon is consulted for a leg fracture or if you suspect a leg fracture, if not immediately obvious.

Generally if an Italian Greyhound fractures its leg(s) it is usually the fore limb(s) or front leg.  You will hear a blood-curdling scream as the dog feels intense pain. 

Commonly the lower part of the leg will be dangling as both the bones (ulna & radius) fracture, just above the wrist joint, the first joint up the leg from the paw. Fractures are classified as open or closed. Open fractures (also known as compound fractures) are where the wound exposes the bone, often contaminated by dirt and bacteria, and are accompanied by a high risk of infection. Closed fractures are broken bones that have not penetrated the Skin.

Immediate action in the event of a leg fracture

  • Your priority is to remain as calm as possible, pick up the dog reassuring it with your voice, being aware it will probably try to bite due to the intense pain.
  • Gently support the fractured limb by holding your hand under the fracture site, by stabilising the bones as best you can to avoid any further damage and lessen the pain.
  • If the skin is broken and bleeding, gently cover the site with a clean paper towel or tea towel to stem the blood flow.
  • If you are on your own a rolled towel should be used to support the injured leg, whilst you transport the dog to a Veterinary Surgeon in a dog carrier, well padded with blankets to prevent movement and further pain to the dog.
  • If someone is able to drive you to the Vets, wrap a blanket around the dog and hold it close to your body whilst supporting the injured leg.  It will be in shock and lose body heat quickly.
  • A few drops of Rescue Remedy or Emergency essence will help to calm the dog, if you have any.

If you suspect that your Italian Greyhound has a leg fracture, take your dog to your Vet immediately.

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